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Aquarium, the true story of the Hamam boys of Istanbul

Directors : Maya Ne’emani & Amnon Friedman
Brothers Ömer and Sükrü have escaped poverty to sell their bodies in a male only hamam, part run by their older brother, but still they dream of family life.


Director Rachel Rusinek Producers Rachel Rusinek & Eyal Ben Moshe
“Blend” tells the story of Jewish settlers in the West Bank who try to appropriate the land through vine roots and produce ideologically-tainted wine. As it unveils, it appears that the protagonist’s story is less one of ideology, and more about the attempts to escape past lives.

Censored Voices

Director Mor Loushy Producers Daniel Sivan, Hilla Medalia, Neta Zwebner-Zaibert

Die Hard

Producers Zippi Brand Frank & Zvi Frank Director Zippi Brand
Die Hard is a welcome call to the future that is actually happening right now - the widening world of personalized life extension. It’s a fast-growing market once accessed only by millionaires, but the personal quests of a wealthy few have sparked a global trend in human life.

Cinema Farag

Director Kobi Farag & Levi Zini Producer Mosh Danon
Kobi Farag- third generation of an immigrant family from Iraq, who seeks the origin of his family’s story that spreads over 7 decades, three continents and involves the tremendous success of ”The Farag Brothers”. The story continues through great pain and disturbing silence and in the midst of it all the essence of familiarity

God`s Messengers

Director Itzik Lerner Producers Itzik Lerner and the Late Nir Toib
The land of Israel, the people of Israel, the Torah of Israel, not necessarily in that order, are the constant thread that runs through the ideological narrative of the residents of the illegal outposts in the West Bank. Their hilltop Breslov appearance, the long side locks, the long unkempt hair, instantly discloses them. “Side locks and a beard are grace, hair is law, so says Rabbi Nachman”, is their mantra.

Haneen Zoabi – Stranger in Her Own Land

Directors & Noa Ben Hagai & Shany Littman Producers Amir Harel & Ayelet Kait
She is the first Arab woman Knesset member and the most hated woman in Israel. She is secular, Muslim, unmarried, 43 years old, and lives with her parents. An intimate portrait of politician Haneen Zoabi and a close-up look at the face of Israeli democracy, contorted with hatred and racism

Hannah Arendt, A Life of a Jewess

Director Ada Ushpiz Producer Ada Ushpiz Co-Producer- Ina Fishman, Canada
Hannah Arendt, a Jewish-German philosopher, provoked a great antagonism in Israel, Europe and USA in the 1960s, while covering the Eichmann trial she coined the subversive concept of ”Banality of Evil” referring to the Nazi Evil. 50 years later, young Israeli scholars see in her writings a source for new understanding of Israeli Ethos. Still, many react strongly against her.

Holygate – Chronicles of a Lost Patriarch

Director Danae Elon Producer Danae Elon Co-producer Paul Cadieux, Canada
A personal Ironic, amusing and tragic journey leads to a jailed Patriarch in the old city of Jerusalem and to a portrait of an inner maze of corruption, greed and claustrophobia.

I’m Not

Directors & Producers Tomer Heymann& Barak Heymann
Oren was adopted in Guatemala. Aged six, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s and has since been on psychiatric medication. Following suicide attempts and involuntary hospitalization, Oren was finally sent to a boarding school. Here, he discovers himself anew, and sweeps his family off on a moving journey to his birthplace

Life as a Rumor

Directors Adi Arbel & Moish Goldberg Producers Amir Harel & Ayelet Kait
The film “Life as a Rumor” is the documentary autobiography by Assi Dayan, son of renowned Israeli General Moshe Dayan, and one of Israel’s most prominent directors and actors. Assi is the “Israeli Forrest Gump”. His gripping life story reflects the country’s history, landmark after landmark.

Long Live King David

Directors & producers Yael Leibovitz & Ido Zand
David and Solomon are considered to be the ancient founders of Israel. But is the Biblical story about them indeed true? Where famed biblical battles were once held, archeologists now vie for prestige, left-wing and Right - wing proponents wage ideological battles, and Palestinians and Jews fight for the land and for a place
in history.

Our Silence a license to Murder صمتنا- تصريح قتل

Director Hadad Producers Abeer and Suheil Haddad
”Our Silence is a license to Murder” - tracing an ”honor killing” of a young woman that took place in my hometown 40 years ago. This documentary journey aims to unravel the social and political circumstances as well as my own repression of the hideous crime.


Directors Alex Gentlev & Nurit Kedar Producer Mosh Danon
The Soviet Union supplied Hitler with Oil and ammunition and allowed the Germans to bomb Norway and London. IBM opened in Berlin in the 30’s. They created the population records, categorizing the names of the Jews. These very lists were used by Hitler in implementing the ”Final Solution”.

Revolution Girls

Directors Chen Shelach & Duki Dror Producer Duki Dror
Rola and Anat, an Israeli and a Palestinian, are not interested in politics, they want to do business, yet another wave of violence, between Israelis and Palestinians, threatens to destroy their partnership and dreams.


Director Nurit Jacobs Yinon Producer Yifat Prestelnik
A portrait of Safaa Dboor, an unconventional Muslim widow from Nazareth, whose love of cinema drives her to overcome the objections and obstacles set forth by the conservative, patriarchal society in which she lives and to pursue her dream of establishing the only Arab cinema in Israel

Shooting Holy Land

Director Gilad Baram Producer Yulie Cohen
Shooting Holy Land is a four years’ journey of the acclaimed Czech photographer Josef Koudelka and the filmmaker in Israel/Palestine. What begins with the frames of an apprentice cinematographer documenting a celebrated master develops into a skillfully composed cinematographic creation in which their two paths merge in a single frame.

Silicon Wadi

Directors Daniel Sivan& Yossi Bloch Producer Ronen Ben-Tal
Co-producers & company Hilla & Neta Zwebner Zaibert

Silicon Wadi documents the stories of those who work to pursue their startup dreams,
and put everything on the line to do so. It follows the dramas, the families, friendships and breakups involved, as well as the influence of big money the characters chase after.

The Ministry of parks & Flowers

Directors: Shlomo Slutzky& Daniel Burak Producer Shlomo Slutzky
Co-producers Sasha, Israel & Daniel Burak, Argentina

1977: Argentinean Junta killed my cousin, Sammy. My family turns its back on his two orphaned children who found refuge in Holland.
2013: Paying familiar guilt, I accompany Sammy’s son, Mariano, for the trial of the murderers, to discover his unknown father and to confront our family, perhaps accomplice

The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer

Directors Shaul Betser & Assaf Galay Producers Shaul Betser & Keren Michael
Isaac Bashevis Singer, renowned Yiddish writer and Nobel Prize Laureate, worked with a troop of forty female translators who helped distribute his work. Women were a source of energy for his work, and he drew inspiration from their presence, frequently falling in love. Of his dozens of female collaborators, nine remain to tell about the many contradictory facets in the personality of one of the twentieth century’s greatest Jewish writers.

The Settlers

Director Shimon Dotan Producers Dikla Barkai& Yonatan Aroch & Shimon Dotan
With unparalleled access The Settlers will take viewers deep inside the international networks
of messianic fanatics, true believers and political opportunists whose activism for West Bank settlements threatens to ignite the Middle East powder keg. The Settlers is a documentary feature exploring the Israeli settlement-enterprise in the West Bank. It will unveil the dramatic origins of the settlements, the transformative changes they have imposed on Israeli and Palestinian societies, and the forces, internal and external, that drive them.

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